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Common Mistakes People Make When Getting Their Eyes Tested

Getting an eye checkup might seem like a waste of time or money, but there’s no better way to detect and prevent any eye related issues from arising or stop them in their tracks.

Other than conducting basis tests, an optometrist conducts detailed examinations beyond just a vision test.  They can prescribe medication for eye conditions or recommend more advanced courses of treatment depending on the situation.

Ignoring health issues, or concerns relating to your eyes, in their initial stages, could lead to complications in the future. Although you rarely think about the expense when it comes to eyesight or health, it would prove a lot more expensive getting medical care at a later stage, when you could fix it in the beginning. To avoid any such issues from arising, Optometrists P Sidhu & Associates has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to eye care, and how to care better for your eyes.

1. Not receiving regular eye care.

In the absence of symptoms, patients tend to skip out on getting an annual eye exam. The eyes are one of the five senses, and just as annual physical examinations are prioritized, so should eye examinations. It’s never too late to start. Think of your eye examination as important as an annual visit to your doctor’s office, and the annual blood work.

Did you know that children under the age of twenty and seniors over the age of sixty-five are covered by Ontario’s provincial health care plan (OHIP)? To book your appointment today, give our office a call at 647-265-9392.

2. Not knowing the difference between a comprehensive eye exam and a sight test offered at most retail optical chains.

In a basic sight test, a patient will be tested on an autorefractor machine and then brought into an examination room to be tested further. Here, you will familiarize yourself with a phoropter, which is a tool that shows you a series of lenses, and you will be asked which lens allows you to see clearer.  The next step involves assessing your eye health through a slit lamp.

A comprehensive eye exam begins the same way: with the autorefractor and the examination room for further examination. To examine the eye health, a slit lamp would be used, as well as dilation drops (at the doctor’s discretion). You will be assessed for your eyes response to light, your eye movements, depth perception, color vision, as well as, peripheral vision. Further testing may be done with an OCT, retinal camera, or visual field machine. All of this is covered under the cost of your comprehensive exam, which every patient at P Sidhu & Associates will receive.

The difference between the two exams may seem slight because the initial experience is that they begin the same way. The point of differences are the conversations between doctor and patient, as well as the testing that takes place in the examination room. To check if an office provides comprehensive examinations, give them a call to familiarize yourself with the services offered and gain insight into their setup. Ask yourself - is this a full scope optometry office? If you’re looking for a comprehensive eye exam experience, give our office a call today!

3. Buying glasses online.

Not only do you not get to try the physical frames on, but you also forfeit expert advice of a licensed professional to allow for the perfect pair.

The perfect pair is a result of an accurate prescription, correctly chosen and shaped frame, combined with carefully chosen, high-quality materials and coatings, as well as, precise and accurate measurements. All of these attributes together allow for you to experience vision to the best your eyes can offer. The smartest move is to be an informed consumer - if it’s cheaper, there is probably a good reason for that. They have likely cheapened out on quality, or the involvement of a licensed professional.

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at Optometrists P Sidhu & Associates. As the top optometrists in East York, Toronto, we provide professional eye care services across East York, Scarborough, GTA, North York, York, Brampton, Vaughan, Etobicoke, and Markham. We cover a bunch of tests and services including Glaucoma, Age-related Macular Degeneration, retinal tears and detachments, and optic strokes among others services.


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