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COVID-19 Safety


* Stay at home If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have been in the presence of someone tested positive for COVID-19.

* Please wear a mask to the office if you have one.

* All patients are to limit the articles of clothing You bring in with you.

* All patients are to limit their visit to just themselves or plus one ( an appointment with a family member, dependents, or translators)

* All patients are to exercise social distancing within our office.



* Regular sanitizing of surfaces and patient contact areas prior to and after each patient encounter.

* Patients are booked by appointment to minimize wait times and traffic within the office.

* We will be asking you wash your hands when you ride to enter the office. Gloves will be provided.

* We will actively monitor the health status of our staff. Anyone with these same symptoms will not be attending the office.

* All our medical personnel and administrative staff will utilize personal protective equipment, including surgical masks and gloves as necessary given their patient interactions and in accordance with guidance from the provincial health authorities and best practices. Office equipment and testing are being altered to meet best practice standards.

We will continue to monitor and adapt to the current environment, and update our policies and practices as needed. Our team will continue to provide the highest level of eye care and support for you and your family during these challenging times.


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