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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Eye Exam for patients of all ages

Adult and Senior Eye Care

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Most people agree that vision is our most precious sense. At Weston Eyecare and Dr. Pink Sidhu and Associates, we recommend yearly eye exams using our state of the art diagnostic eye examination technology to check your eyes, making sure you see well and that your eyes remain healthy. If diagnosed with any ocular conditions we can prescribe the necessary treatment or help manage your care in conjunction with an ophthalmologist in an effort to help you retain your sight.

The mid-40’s mark a milestone in everyone’s life when it becomes a little more challenging to focus on near objects such as a prescription bottle, your watch or your cell phone. This difficulty focusing up close is called presbyopia, and results from the normal stiffening of the lens in the eye.

Seniors 65 and over are eligible under OHIP for a basic eye exam once a year. OHIP eligibility is defined by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, but it is highly recommended that they opt into our digital testing for complete comprehensive eyecare and early detection.

Our highly trained staff can explain these changes to you and help you determine which refractive solutions or strategies will suit you best to help get your seeing clearly again.

As people age, they become more susceptible to eye diseases, such as age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma. Initial symptoms may be minimal but these conditions can result in significant vision loss and even blindness if left untreated. Cataracts are a normal aging change of the lens in the eye resulting in blurry vision that can’t be corrected with glasses. Cataracts are treated with surgery to replace the cloudy lens with an implant restoring clarity.

Schedule a comprehensive eye examination at Weston Eyecare, and Dr. Pink Sidhu and Associates. Request an appointment today!

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What to Expect +

Hi-technology Pre-Testing

We begin every comprehensive eye exam with a high-technology pre-test which consists of auto refraction (refractive error estimate), auto keratometry (corneal curvature), non-contact tonometry (eye pressure), and a digital retinal scan of the eye.

Medical and Visual History

Our team will take into account your detailed personal and medical history when prescribing glasses, and scheduling your next visit.

Visual Acuities (VA)

The visual assessment of a patient’s corrected and uncorrected vision is documented as a baseline measurement at each office visit. This is recorded for both distance and near vision and is monitored for changes over time.

High-Technology Digital Refraction

We are your modern Optometry office- all of our patient prescriptions and refractions are performed using the latest state of the art technology, the Nidek Computerized auto phoropter. This advanced technology enhances the accuracy of eyeglass prescriptions.

Binocular Vision Testing and Stereopsis

Binocular testing is important to rule out strabismus, amblyopia and/or lazy eye. We determined how well the eyes coordinate together and how they recognize depth. This part of the eye exam is performed using several tests like a cover test, near the point of convergence and eye tracking.

Colour Vision Testing

Colour Vision Testing is performed on pediatric patients and career work requirements like fire or policemen to rule out colour deficiencies.

Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy

This part of the comprehensive eye exam involves carefully detailed examination of anterior ocular structures including the cornea, the natural lens, and conjunctival tissues. The process of a slit lamp examination is to evaluate for the presence of cataracts, dry eye, and contact lens-induced anthologies such as infections or trauma.

Dilated Fundus Examination

A Dilated Fundus Examination includes a detailed and careful examination of the internal ocular structures–the retina, the optic nerve, the retinal blood musculature, and the macula–to rule out retinal abnormalities and to detect for early signs of Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Macular Degeneration.

Dry Eye Assessment

If you feel that you may be suffering from dry eye, you have come to the right office. Have you tried drops that just don’t seem to work? Are you Interested in learning about the management of dry eyes? Every comprehensive eye examination at Our office with Dr. Pink Sidhu and Associates included a dry eye assessment of the ocular tear film surface. Based on the results of a corneal assessment, a treatment plan can be outlined for you. We truly believe that the treatment plans that are created are as unique as the individuals that they are created for. See our dry eye clinic page for more details.

Patient Education

Every comprehensive eye examination at Dr. Pink Sidhu and Associates involves patient education and counseling. During this part of the examination, Dr. Pink and associates will discuss the findings of the examination and the implications of them. A follow-up schedule will be put in place for you.

Lens Education and Counselling

At the conclusion of the visit, the Opticians at the optical team will guide and educate patients on the optimal lens selection, based on your prescription, frame selection, and lifestyle needs. This is also a chance to discuss contact lens wear and to go over contact lens safety to make for a long lasting healthy relationship with your contact lens usage.

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What to Bring +

Remember the following for your next eye doctor visit:

  • Know your medical history and list of current medications
  • Know your current symptoms and be able to describe them—write them down if necessary
  • Know your family history—some eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts are hereditary
  • Ask in advance about your particular vision insurance plan, and if a co-pay will be due
  • Bring your insurance card, identification and method of payment, if necessary
  • Bring your most recent prescription for glasses or contact lenses
  • Bring your corrective eyewear to the exam
  • If undergoing a test using dilation eye drops, bring proper eye protection, like sunglasses, for after your appointment

Most importantly, remember that eye doctors — and everyone within the eye care practice — are there to help you see your best and feel your best.

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