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Learning and Development

Female Child Eye Exam 1280x853Your eyes play a huge part in your child’s Learning & Development Did you know that more than 80% of your child learning and development is based on vision. This is more of a reason to be sure that your child’s vision and eye health are up to par and your child is starting each school year equipped with the most valuable source- a healthy visual system!

Did you know that vision development is a process that begins prior to birth? Did you know that it continues throughout a lifetime? This is why the critical period and sensitive period for your child’s first eye exam is very important and vital to their optimal well being. Early intervention is extremely important because most visual anomalies and conditions if treated before the age of 6, have an excellent prognosis.

It’s a small investment, a thirty-minute visit with your eye doctor; Dr. Pink Sidhu, each year to ensure that you enabling your child to play, learn and socialize and experience life and all that it has to offer. Vision allows the child to thrive at every task in life, whether it be school or sports or just simply socializing with peers. Did you know that OHIP pays for your child’s eye exam each year? Yes, children are covered ages 19 and under. So come on down, we would love to see you and build a lifetime relationship.


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