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Vision Therapy and Screening

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Vision is more than 20/20.

  • Did your child’s school teacher tell you that your child needs to see an optometrist?
  • Did your child pass or fail a school screening?
  • Is your child rubbing the eyes?
  • Are their any headaches that you feel are related to the eyes?
  • Is your child recently diagnosed with a “ learning disability?”
  • Or told that he/ she is disruptive in the classroom?

These are just a few of the symptoms your child might be experiencing or scenarios that you, as parents, might be experiencing as a family. Studies support that 70% of kids with behavioral “problems”, may just have an underlying vision problem. Unlike the screenings at your school, or in a Pediatrician’s or family doctor’s office, your eye exam with Dr. Pink and associates is more than just a 20/20 sight test.

We test for your child’s ability to see the chart at distance and near. Our York optometrists recognize that children can be nervous or shy and/ or just simply not interested. And that’s okay, we may bring them back for multiple visits throughout the year because every visit will give us a little more information each time. We track their ability to follow a moving target, and to zoom in and out of focus, and their ability to turn their eyes in and out. Along with this, we test color vision, depth perception and the health of their eyes ( both inside and outside ).

To be more specific, we are testing your child’s ability:

Ocular motor skills- eye movement skills:

Do your child’s eyes move across the page in a book smoothly and accurately.

Accommodation – eye focusing abilities:

Does your child change focus from near to far and back again – between reading text from a far-away white or black-board and then being able to write on a price of paper at their desk?

Convergence and Divergence- eye teaming:

Are your child’s eyes working together as a focus unit – do they come together for proper eye alignment for reading?

Binocular vision skills:

Are your child’s eyes blending visual images from both eyes into a single, three-dimensional image? If detected, these conditions can be corrected and managed. We often prescribe corrective lenses, progressives, prisms and vision therapy enabling young children with poor vision to rapidly catch up to their peers. The earlier a vision problem is diagnosed and treated, the less of an impact it will have on the child’s development, and the better the prognosis.

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