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Vocational Testing

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Contact our York eye care clinics, Pink Sidhu and Associates, if you need to complete a visual field as a part of your job application for a crossing guard, police training, the fire department or another career.

We have two locations to serve you better, catering to the Brampton, Rexdale, Etobicoke, North York, and East York, Toronto areas.

Visual Field Tests and Visual Field Eye Exams in York, Toronto

The ministry of transportation (MOT or MTO) may require visual field charts to make an informed decision regarding licensing status. Acceptable visual field charts are the following tests:

  • Esterman binocular functional test (false positive/negative errors not to exceed 20 percent)
  • Goldmann binocular field test using only a III4e test object with monitored reliability showing at least 60 degrees to either side of the vertical midline and showing 15 degrees both above and below the horizontal midline
  • Also acceptable are the Automated kinetic Octopus charts with monitored reliability.

What is a Vision Waiver Program?

This is a Class G vision waiver program for drivers whose visual field does not meet the 120-degree horizontal visual field requirement. Once it is determined that a driver meets the eligibility requirements for the program, he/she will be asked to submit a detailed vision assessment and a medical report. This is the part that we can assist with.

Our routine eye exams are a comprehensive ocular health and visual assessment involving over 50 tests.

Come see us at our York optometry practices, Pink Sidhu and Associates.


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