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Invest in your Child’s Vision Care

Invest in your Childs vision care


Did you know that according to a study conducted by the Toronto District School Board, 1 in 4 school age children have a vision problem, and yet according to the Canadian Optometric Association, 85% of children begin school without a proper eye exam!




Vision Screening


Young children may not realize that they are having problems with their vision. They may think that everyone else sees the same way they do.   Many times, children will not complain of vision problems simply because they have not developed the sensory awareness to identify what “normal” vision looks like.  Children can remain asymptomatic. Children are adaptive and may have one eye compensate for what the other eye is incapable of seeing.  As such, if left undetected and untreated, it can cause vision impairment in that eye.

How frequent should you see us?

Early detection of vision problems by an optometrist is essential to your child’s visual development. Schedule an appointment for your child today.

Often, many parents mistakenly believe that a “passed” Vision Screening conducted by their child’s Pediatrician, or school indicates their child has healthy eyes. However, vision screen is not a comprehensive eye examination. Many eye conditions can pass a Vision Screening and yet pose a problem later down the road.

The only way to know with certainty if your child has health vision, is to have a comprehensive eye exam by an Optometrist or ophthalmologist.

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