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Dr. Spence is a great example of an excellent doctor.

He catered to my timid and scared 4 year old for his first eye exam. Dr. Spence started the examination outside the exam room with a color vision test book and then worked his way into the room to do a bit more. My little guy didn't even know he was being tested. He spoke to my child and had him engaged through the entire visit with "more eye games". His entire visit took all about 20 min. I found this office online and booked in on a Friday and was able to have my eyes tested as well. We talked about myopia control for my child and ways to slow his vision from getting worse. He is very knowledgeable and speaks in a language that I could understand. My own personal experience geared towards my dry eye. I did an extra test that scored my dry eye and he opened by blocked eyelids. The feeling of heavy eyes was relieved in the office when he used a the heat machine. He is a great doctor, he is great with kids and his chair side manner is very warm. We talked a bit about our lives and its very nice to see he also takes interest in community involvement. I highly recommend him.

- Ricki E. - Google Review

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